Song Placements


Season One:
episode 7- “This Time Fer Sure” (t.h. & Dave Way)
episode 13- “Temptation Took Control of Me and i Fell” (originally by Tracy Nelson, t.h. was commissioned to sing this song for SOA)

Season Two:
episode 4- “The Bottom” (originally by Waylon Payne)
episode 12- “In The Flesh” (t.h. & Jon and Sally Tiven)

Season Three:
episode 11- “Boyfriend” (t.h. & Dave Way)

Season Four:
episode 7- “East Side Story” (t.h. & Dave Way)


“The Bottom” (originally by Waylon Payne)


‘DALLAS (2012)’:
Season Two:
episode 8- “The Bottom” (originally by Waylon Payne)                                       Video
episode 10- “East Side Story” (t.h. & Dave Way)                                                   Video


‘DETROIT 1-8-7’:
“Boyfriend” (t.h. & Dave Way)


‘WINNERS AND LOSERS’: *Australian tv show
“Heart Goes” (t.h. and Ben Lee)