APRIL 14th, 2019 – The Start of a New Weekly Gig!

I’m pretty darn excited to let you know about a new Sunday night show i’m starting: April 14th! @ Bar Robo, in Chinatown (At the Arch!)

The idea behind this is, well, for me to have a sweet weekly show happening in Odawa 🙂

I intend on it being PRETTY DARN SPECIAL, folks! 😀

Each week i will have a surprise guest! They’ll be: Artists/Musicians/Songwriters, and folks who are all things music’y!

I’m sorry Bimm has moved to Holland right before this night starts.

I’m not sorry that this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

So basically, arrive on a Sunday evening at Bar Robo in Chinatown, (starts/7pm – ends/10pm) and experience the thrill of ‘who-will-it-be-this-week’?!


See ya some Sunday! (starting April 14th)