2019 – And it’s February already! What’s New..

Hello Pals!

Wow – it is already my birth month again, time flies! Don’t worry, i get a real bday in 2020. Just one year to go! hahahaHaha #feb29th

Upcoming this weekend: Brand new and very cool FemmeVox Concert series kicks off at the GCTC (Great Canadian Theatre Company).

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24th, I get to perform with Lynne Hanson, Malak, and Sam Steel! There’s a Songwriting Workshop, ahead of the concert (separate ticket) where we’ll be chatting all about each of our processes, and taking questions from the audience. Oh and the FemmeVox concert will include collab’s by all four artists! Pretty frickin unique~ More Info:

FemmeVox FB Page: www.facebook.com/femmevox/

TICKETS: www.gctc.ca/events/2019/2/24/femmevox-lynne-hanson

Event Page: www.facebook.com/events/358233764986591/

TOUR 2019: I’ll be hitting up BC for a few tour dates this MAY! Check back here for updated listings~ Really looking forward to playing Chilliwack, Vancouver, Kelowna, and Nelson!

Living in Odawa is pretty, sort of, relaxed most of the time- but can be a difficult place to dwell in the winter months; And this has been the worst one in awhile! Storm after storm, snow removal having a weird year here, and i’m living on a hill which is super busy (and slippery!).

I do love living in Chinatown though! It feels great being a part of this neighbourhood and community~ Speaking of..

Very Dear friends of mine (proprietors of the Shanghai Restaurant– first Chinese resto in what is now Chinatown) lost their patriarch recently, Alan Kwan, AKA Papa Kwan. This family and venue mean alot to me and my life’s path. I love them all so much and you will be missed, Alan! xo

The Kwan’s have started a fundraising page to build an outdoor stage/venue! A dream of the Family, to share with this community, this fundraiser would go “towards converting their outdoor space into a completely accessible performance/community gathering place designed to continue providing opportunities in this wonderful community hub. Shanghai Restaurant is still a family run business, with ties to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, arts community, and especially the local Chinese community. What a wonderful way to continue Papa Kwan’s legacy as a true entertainer/entrepreneur and community hero, by naming Ottawa’s only outdoor, fully mindful and accessible venue after him.”

I’ve been writing new songs and plan to perform some of them this Sunday at the FemmeVox show. Hope to see ya there!

-tara xo’z