T.H. and The 2018 Update

2018 is quite the year already! My goal is to get many irons in many fires, and just enjoy all the processes.

So far (and i’m 38), for me life as an artist has been a single-minded affair. That all changed about 6months ago when i decided to pursue outside opportunities (as in, outside of my own brain and my usual aims).

For instance!

*On Record Store Day 2018, Stephen Kalinich (American Poet/Songwriter) released Scrambled Eggs; a strictly VINYL release, on which i co-wrote and sang a duet! i just love Stevie! *(And mr. Black Francis aka Frank Black, has a co-write/feature track on this album as well!)

*Also released this year! One song, “We Live In The Shadows” co-written with Ottawa poet, Brigitte Lord; To coincide with her book of the same name, concerning homelessness. Proceeds going to local charities for the homeless. (it’s me singin)

*I’ve been on auditions, and am going on more auditions next month! Can’t say until something comes of this, but I AM EXCITED OVER HERE.

*I’ve begun a super secret duo project with another Ottawa singer-songwriter, and that has me SUPER inspired. Will tell ya when we have something to release (probs 2019).

*I’ve also joined up with a FANTASTIC synth-pop group, and am contributing to a couple tracks off their upcoming album *stay tuned for that*, but in the meantime! The group is called Church of Trees. Please check out their FRESH single, just released! i’m obsessed with it: Gary Numan

Couldn’t be more proud to be working with these folks!

*And I’ve done some session work this year!, in studio, in OTTAWA(!)- i LOVE that type of work. (singing background vocals, vocals for an ad, etc)

***i have a couple sporadic gigs sprinkled throughout the year. Should i post the far away December show yet? hahaha

Thanks for reading, and keeping up with me. I really appreciate you.

-tara xo

my cat!

my cat!