Mid-Tour (sorta)!


This tour has been a wonderful and exciting roller coaster ride! Including that roller coaster we hopped on, side of the highway, in a parking lot! We saw it, we parked, we rode, and then got right back on the road. Which fed our spirits bigtime!

Sammi and I literally had that conversation, so we were ready for it! hahahha ;

We had decided beginning of tour, that if we were to see a rolly coaster on the highway, we would do a pit stop FER SURE. So yeah- it happened, and we followed through on that promise to ourselves. And it was SO GOOD.

I am in Vancouver as I type this. Heading out either tomorrow or the next day. Next show pour moi is NELSON BC. (check out my tour dates for more info’s)

Sammi now heads back to Kelowna where she lives, to continue work on her upcoming Fall release (which I cannot wait for- she is incredible. Check out her original chunes here: https://sammimorellimusic.com/sounds)


Me? I’m riding home solo – just how I like hahah It is good to tour with mates. It is good to tour alone. Different experiences.

See you in OTTAWA in a couple weeks! Until then, see you on the road somewhere across the country. -tara xo