Hello, Friends! Been awhile~

Summer is here! yayyyys

and i am booking shows again, just not too many for now :)

I’ve needed a break from the financial and emotional instability of being a full time touring artist. So i took it! There was some grieving involved, since i have been wholly committed to this singing and music thing, well, since i can remember.

But then the skies part, and ya get a day job, and shit is o-kay. *phewf*


Touring for me is paused indefinitely, but probs do something later on in 2017. A full year +plus+ off the road, is what the doctor ordered (dr. me). And even then – who knows what is next.. i just know i will no longer depend on music to pay my bills, until it just naturally does~

This is the not too shabby reality, and i don’t mind it :)

The music is ever present, and i will share some things here and there in this meantime. Thank you for coming back and wondering what i’m up to!

See ya’z soon,

-t.h. xo

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